SOU Junior Training Camp

Jacob parkers report of their training camp over half term:
This week we have taken part in the action packed SOU CC junior’s half term training camp, eight of the awesome SOU juniors enjoyed twelve exciting sessions over three days, including: 500m sprints, bungee paddles, boat maintenance, gym, timed efforts, goal setting, ergos and crew boats. The sessions that we enjoyed the most were crew boats in k4 and bungees this is because they were challenging and fast moving, and for most of us using bungees was a new skill. The toughest session was the 500m sprint, mainly because the conditions were horrible, however this made it very challenging and exciting, we all made the times for British Canoeing time trial awards though! During the training days we all learnt a lot, worked incredibly hard and bonded well as a group, we would all love James Hinves and Sou CC to run the great camp again.

Thank you James for giving us the opportunity.