June Sprint Regatta

Sprint Regatta Report by Matt:

On the 2nd and 3rd of June Southampton CC took a team of 7 juniors to the national sprint regatta in Nottingham for the first ever band together regatta.

All the K1 races were on the Saturday meaning people were tired by the end but we had good results. Xav made all A finals in band 3, his 4th in the 1000m was his best result. I also made all the A finals in band 3 and got 3rd place in the 1000 and 200. Jack had good results in his first Boys B regatta making final 2 in band 3 for 200 and 500. Andre and Nathaniel raced the under 12 mens 200m mass start and both made it to the final and they both raced over 500m with Andre coming 3rd and Nathaniel 8th the first time he raced his cougar. Beth and Poppy also raced the 200m mass start with over 30 starters, it was a tough field but Beth made it to the 2nd race and Poppy the 3rd. It was also the first time Beth had raced her cougar and she raced her 500 heat well to make final 1 in band 6 with Poppy also racing well in the tough headwind to make final 2.

On the Sunday we had much better conditions for the K2 races. Xav and Jack teamed up to take two 3rd places in the 1000m and 500m. I paddled with paddlers from other clubs to take the win in the 500m and the 200m races. Andre and Nathaniel raced really well in the Hody races to take 2nd place in a really tight finish. Beth and Poppy paddled together well in the wobbly boat and achieved really strong times in both of their heats.

Overall it was a great weekend of racing for Sou with us coming joint 2nd in most races won over the weekend.